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Guestpost: 5 Tips to Keep You Fresh this winter

Protect yourself against the harsh elements of winter


With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, winter can be a real drag at times. You’re faced with seeing less sunlight and dealing with all the woes of being trapped indoors day in and day out. The cold weather brings on scarves and boots… and dry skin and static hair. What’s a girl to do?


1. Don’t neglect the SPF

Just because you think you’re not seeing the light of day doesn’t give you a free pass to skip the sunscreen – you still need to lather that pretty face up. Find a facial moisturiser that has SPF built into it to combat not only the sun’s sneaky little rays, but also another irritating winter foe: dry skin. Ahava’s Facial Moisturiser fights the sun’s rays as well as providing a unique anti-ageing formula and intense hydration.


2. Take warm, not hot, showers

As tempting as it may be to turn the shower to piping hot to warm you up in the mornings, that’s one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Taking hot showers will dry your skin out. Instead take warm showers and be sure to lotion up after to keep your skin from getting dry and flaky.


3. Pay attention to your lips

It’s easy to get caught up making sure your hands and face are receiving adequate moisturizing, but your lips shouldn’t be neglected either! Winter brings chapped lips on in full force, so always keep a tube of lip balm – preferably one with SPF – with you to keep them from cracking. Remember to treat your lips to a DIY exfoliation treatment from time to time, as detailed in this previous PTTS article.


4. Exfoliate weekly

No one wants to show up to the company Christmas party looking like Rudolph. Since your nose is one of the most exposed parts of your body, it needs some TLC too. Body Scrubs from The Sanctuary, such as their Thermal Body Polish will do just the trick while warming your skin.  Exfoliate once or twice a week and make sure to keep your skin hydrated with a hydrating moisturiser, such as Origins A Perfect World Hydrating Body Lotion.


5. Feet matter too

It’s easy to forget about your feet because they stay bundled up during the winter months, but winter is the prime time for them to become dry and cracked. Use foot balms before putting on socks to keep them smooth, so that they emerge from the winter months looking healthy not scary. L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Foot Cream is an indulgent foot remedy that doesn’t break the bank.


Most people think that dry skin is just a by-product of the harsh winter months, but there are ways to keep you looking fresh and vibrant throughout even the coldest winters. By implementing these tips the winter blahs won’t stand a chance!


Written by Mary Edwards – a contributor and editor for various dating sites. She is passionate about thought leadership writing, regularly contributing to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting and online dating communities. Contact Mary: edwardsmary936@


How to create the perfect pout


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is inevitable that you will want to prep your pout for the occasion. Make lips supple, soft and smouldering with these simple steps:


♥ Exfoliate with a  sugar scrub
Create a sugar scrub to rid your lips of dry skin. This can be easily achieved with some simple domestic ingredients:
1tsp olive oil
1tsp honey
2tsp white sugar
Add all the ingredients into one bowl and mix together to form a paste. Smooth the concoction onto lips and gently massage your lips using a circular motion. After thirty seconds of exfoliation rinse off with warm water, pat dry and coat with a layer of moisturising balm such as Carmex or Burt’s Bees lip-balm.
♥ Prime
Wait ten minutes or so for the balm to set in, then use a lip primer to prepare lips for make-up application. ELF cosmetics and Urban Decay both offer effective primers.
♥ Line
After priming, carefully line the lips with a similar coloured pencil to your chosen lip colour. Alternatively, if you’re strapped for cash why not invest in a clear lip liner that accomodates all lipstick tones, such as the one offered by Laura Mercier.
Begin to apply the lipstick using a lip brush. This will ensure the product is used sparingly.
Steer well clear of excess lip colour by using blotting paper, or for those more financially pushed – tissue paper. Simply open your mouth and press your lips onto the paper to secure even coverage.
Optional gloss
If you don’t want a matte finish, complete your look with a slick of similar coloured or clear gloss.
Accentuate your cupid’s bow
For maximum effect, dab a little shimmer or highlighter onto your cupid’s bow to make your pout ‘pop’!

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