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Guestpost: 7 tips to combat winter skin

Take care of your skin this Winter with Vitabath's tips

Winter is the hardest season of the year for keeping your skin moist, because dry heat – whether from a fireplace, furnace or electric heating system – dries out the air your skin is exposed to.

Even people who live in a tropical climate might feel as if their skin is tighter after a long shower, or spending time in the pool. Traveling to the ski slopes, warmer climates or to visit friends for the holidays can dry your skin as well.

Here are some helpful skin care tips to help you get through the winter:

1. Use a humidifier – Keeping the air around you moist can make a big difference in reducing the dryness of your skin. Either a portable humidifier or one attached to your home furnace will provide moisture around the clock.

2. Cover your face, hands, arms and legs – Any exposure to cold weather will have an effect, so minimise that exposure. Those minutes can add up to a lot of dryness, so be sure to cover any exposed areas.

3. Avoid wet gloves or socks – It’s tempting to ignore this when you’re busy, but even limited exposure will dry your skin. Keep extra pairs handy wherever you run the risk of spending time in wet socks or gloves.

4. Take shorter showers – Too much exposure to water can keep your skin from replenishing its own natural oils. Hot water is more damaging than warm water, so make the temperature as low as is comfortable.

5. Choose natural fabrics – Cotton and cashmere are gentler than wool. If you wear wool gloves, consider putting on a thin cotton pair first.

6. Use Dry Skin Care Body Lotion – Select a moisturizing body lotion that is formulated to offer the protection your skin needs throughout the winter. The lotion will typically be clearly labeled “for dry skin” on the bottle.

7. Drink enough water – Since the normal amount required for good health is enough to keep your skin hydrated, there’s no need to go overboard. Eight 8oz glasses a day is plenty unless you’re perspiring or thirsty.

Other causes:

The simple tips above can make a difference in keeping your skin moist, but sometimes dry skin is caused by medical issues. Be sure to mention any skin problems to your doctor if you’re affected by:

* Hypothyroidism, which can reduce the oil your skin produces
* Diabetes, because changing glucose levels can be dehydrating
* Eczema or psoriasis, which require special treatment

Otherwise, you can rely on common sense and moisturising products to help you beat the effects of winter on your skin.

By Vitabath


DIY face-mask guide

Instead of venturing to your local beauty store to stock up on indulgent facial treats, why not make a DIY face-mask from the comfort of your own home and say hello to a flawless face before your big night out?
Here are three of the best natural face-masks, all tailored to a different skin-type and concocted from the contents of your cupboard!
1. Egg white and yoghurt mask (1 egg, 1 tblspn natural yoghurt)

This face-mask is particularly good for those who suffer from acne or frequent breakouts, as it tightens pores and smooths out skin.
Separate the whites of an egg from the yolk and place it in a bowl.
Add one tablespoon of yoghurt and mix the two ingredients together with a spoon.
Apply to face, relax for three minutes, then wash off with warm water and pat face dry with a towel.
2. Honey and egg yolk mask (1 egg, 1 tblspn honey, Olive Oil)

This face-mask is good for dry skin-types, as its rich ingredients serve to moisturise and re-hydrate.
Separate the yolk of an egg from the white and place it in a bowl.
Add one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of Olive Oil.
Mix together and apply to face. Leave mask on for an hour, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
3. Apple and milk mask (1 apple, milk)

This face-mask is beneficial for oily skin-types, helping to keep excess facial oils at bay.
Peel the apple, grate it, add a little milk and whisk with a fork to make a paste.
Apply it to the face and wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

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