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BB Creams – a new beauty trend

BB Creams are huge in Asia

A new beauty must-have has reached British shores and it looks set to be THE  cosmetic essential for years to come.

BB Cream or Blemish Balm, in its non abbreviated form,  is a multi-purpose formula which promises to banish blemishes, even out skin tone, moisturise and hydrate while simultaneously protect from harmful UV rays.

As such, make-up bags overspilling with foundations, suncreams, moisturisers, primers and all other single-function lotions and potions may just be a thing of the past.

With its smoothing properties and offers of a flawless natural finish, it is no wonder that people are catching wind of the beautifying product.

Developed by German dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek in the 1950’s, the hybrid cream has become particularly popular in Asia, where it accounts for 13% of the make-up sector.

And it seems multinational beauty companies are slowly catching on. Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB Cream has just hit the shelves and is already reaping rave reviews from the public, as is the first ever BB cream to hit UK soil, Dior’s Snow White Reveal UV protection BB cream.

For a BB cream that is tailored to your skin colour and attention requests, consult

Have you used a BB Cream? We want to hear from you! Please leave your comments below.


Festival beauty essentials

With the festival season now well underway, girls across the country can be found packing away their wardrobe, wellies and warpaint in preparation for their weekend.

However, the rational approach is often cast aside with bags overspilling with unnecessary items. In fact when it comes to cosmetics only a handful of essentials are required.

So whether you’re bragging about Bestival, gaga for Global or vying for V, here are the make-up indispensables that will ensure you’re anything but an unprepared festival goer on the field.


3 in 1 make-up wipes

No matter the time of day, make-up removal should be a firm fixture in your daily activities. By investing in some good quality 3 in 1 facial wipes, you can satisfy your typical skin regime in the comfort of your pop-up tent, cleansing, toning and moisturising in one single sweep. Boot’s Vitamin E enriched wipes are a cert for hydrated skin, as are Johnson’s.


Waterproof mascara

Defy the effects of the sun, wind and/or rain with a few coats of a trusty waterproof mascara. Set lashes high with volume aplenty and proceed to bat them at the bands. Splash out on a good name to ensure the mascara satisfies its promises (YSL’s waterproof mascara continues to receive rave reviews and is available in a variety of hues).


Travel moisturiser

A reliable travel-sized moisturiser will secure glowing skin throughout the sleep-deprived period, counteracting the results of heavy drinking and raving until the early hours. MAC’s brand new Sized to Go collection offers a miniature version of their popular Studio Moisture Cream that will leave your skin feeling and looking top notch.


Oil-free foundation & blotting sheets

When you’re front-of-stage there’s nothing worse than feeling your foundation slip in response to the sweaty proximity with other ravers.  Make sure your face stays put with an oil-free foundation; drier skin types should opt for liquid-based formulas, such as Barbara Daly’s foundation (a snip at £6.75), while those prone to excess oil should reach for mineral powders, such as ELF’s range. To remove unwanted greasiness in an instant, oil blotting sheets could be your saviour, clearing skin and maintaining personal freshness wherever you may be.

Alternatively brave bare-faced chic for an entirely hassle-free canvas from day to night.


Bright lipstick

Embrace the extravagance of festival season by going OTT with your make-up palette. A bright lipstick can transform your festival look from one of a demure introvert to that of a loud-and-proud extrovert. Check out Barry M’s bold lip colours – think Vibrant Pink, Robot Blue or take Jessie J’s lead with a gothic, yet statement, Black. Complement your chosen colour with lashings of face paint and body art.


Bare-faced chic: Is less really more?

Paris Fashion Week 2011was adorned with models showcasing the latest trends amid luxe fabrics and extravagant materials. But had you casted your eyes upward you would have noticed that the faces of the cat-walkers were played down with au naturel, muted make-up. While it is in every designer’s best interest to avoid make-up that detracts from the outfit, detract it certainly did not last month, due to the fact that it was barely there. Bronzed bodies were discarded in favour of natural pallor, mascara-free eyelashes were embraced and lips were neutralised with only a hint of lipbalm.

Bare-faced beauty is bang on trend

So does this spell a new trend taking over the fashion world? Could bare-faced chic overtake our desire to cake ourselves in cosmetics this summer? Indeed, the thought of a slap-free face is extremely appealing as the thermometer ups its ante in the heat stakes. And as we continue to spend many a day in the baking heat with our make-up sliding southwards, it seems ridding ourselves of masked lips and heavily made-up eyes could just be the way forward.

What’s more, you don’t even have to go completely bare – trick others into thinking you’re a natural beauty by simply enhancing what you’ve got. Clear mascara will work wonders to define lashes without the added pigment, or for those fair of lash, a waterproof mascara will do the trick; just check out Miss Sporty’s range of cheap mascara wands.

Mineral foundations, such as those sold by Elf Cosmetics and Lily Lolo, will also provide sheer, even coverage without looking like its painted on. Moreover a mineral foundation infused with SPF, such as the ones suggested, can kill two birds with one stone by offering UV protection as well as a flawless face.

If you’re prone to dry skin, why not give tinted moisturiser a go? A lighter and more breathable form of foundation, tinted moisturiser is an alternative solution for those who can’t bear the thought of leaving their house without face make-up. MAC boasts a range of colours to cater for your complexion.

Bold lips and bare faces go hand in hand

Combining two beauty trends in one look, you can even sport a completely natural face with a bold lip (as pictured across). This is a very high-end beauty look because of the extreme contrast exuded by a statement lip and make-up-free surround, so for those brave enough…give it a shot.

Will you dare to bare this summer? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Guest post: Three knock-out night time looks

Make-up that makes the grade

Making the make-up transition from day to night can stymie even the most ardent of make-up lovers. Everything from fear of overdoing the drama, to anxiousness about washing out, can freeze up creativity and leave you relying on old primping standbys. But why settle for passable, when you can achieve perfection? Check out these three no-fail evening looks, which draw upon your outfit for the evening to create a comprehensive look that will leave you looking top-notch, no worries involved.


Elegance is the pinnacle of sophistication


Does an evening out scream knitwear? Are you drawn to a classically-lined pant suit or skirt suit? If so, your ideal evening look may well be one of focused elegance. For hair, go smooth yet carefully tousled for a look of contained smolder—think slightly-mussed librarian as a sexy starting point. Elegant eyes are kept muted or neutral, with little-to-no liner, but framed with extravagant lashes. Lips should be played up to the max, with a powerful deep color that says it like it is—deep purples, burgundies, or bronzes are ideal.









If you’re playing it cool, sporting jeans and a flirty top, or casual pants and extraordinary accessories, you’re a firm member of the

A rainbow eye smacks of fun and frivolity

‘fun and flirty’ camp. The accent here should be on your skin—a dewy and fresh look that’s ready to party, and a tinted moisturiser or bronzer to add a fun-loving glow. Keep your eyes simple with liner and mascara, but put a pout on with a bright color (pink or red works well) that showcases your smile. Hair should be free and flowing with luxurious, bouncing curls, or a simple, straightened look pinned-back with a whimsical accessory.




Be daring with brights that push the boundaries


Trina Turk (well-known with make-up aficionados as the designer behind a number of popular Clinique gift-with-purchase bags) is one of the major designers reviving the cocktail dress by transporting it back to its funky heyday of the 1960’s and 1970’s. With vintage power-florals, the look of gold lame’ or the boho cred of faux granny-squares, a funky look calls for makeup schemes with saturated colors, broad eyeliners, and no-holds-barred colour. For eyes, go strong. Be sure to use a good base on the lid (anything from Vaseline to a professional base will work), so that your shadow colors will both ‘pop’ and stay on all night long. Eye make-up can be anything from 80’s punk to 60’s Twiggy—whatever adds oomph and works with your eye color and shape. Keep the lips clear or glossy to add a touch of ingénue to the outrageous. Hair can be pinned up and the ends spiked for a retro-rockstar look, or kept down with a strong part viz-a-vie Woodstock.

However you play it, however you dress it, evening is a chance to take a risk. It all starts with who you are, blended with a bit of who you want to be, then accented with a bit of glamour and style. Don’t be afraid of trying a new look; just capture the spirit of evening fun—dive in and see what happens!

Written by Jesse Love


Guest Post: Summer Beauty Trends 2011

The beauty trends for Summer 2011 revolve around bright colours and serve to make your features ‘pop’. These trends, that are the norm on the runway but not necessarily on the streets because of their brave nature, can be worn by any age at whatever time of day. Here are the more popular beauty trends expected this season and some tips on how you can wear them.

Pink eyeshadows are key this Summer

Bright Eyes– Bright pink or light red eye shadow creates a surprising, yet stunning, look for Summer. The colors bring warmth and energy to your look and can dress up your outfit even if you’re wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt. Purple eye shadow is also trendy for the Summer and is a safer alternative than the more garish shades of pink and red.


Hot Pink Lips– The bold look of hot pink lips is a great way to celebrate the warm season and looks great on any skin color. Blue-based pink hues look great on paler complexions, while orange-based tints suit darker skin tones.

Matte Lips– Put away the lip gloss and try out a matte lipstick. This look holds a bit more of an edge

Christina Aguilera sports this season's top trend: a bold lip

and tends to show more of the lines in your lips. However, when applied properly it can leave a lasting impression of style and sophistication.


Graphic Nails– You can still paint your nails with pinks and corals this Summer, but if you really want to make a statement try painting a design on your nails. Brightly coloured polka dots, animal prints and stars are currently very popular.

Braids– Braid your hair in any fashion you desire. Leave the braid down, put it up in a bun, or use several as elegant details to an up or down ‘do – the possibilities are endless.

An oversized bun will keep you cool and score you fashion points

Oversized Buns– Keep cool and keep your hair off your neck by tying it into an oversized bun, as high up on your head as possible. To make this look really stand out, add a colorful hair accessory to your hairstyle.


The point of the 2011 Summer trends is to have fun. Revisit your childhood by daring to bare bold colours, being sure to keep your skin-tone firmly in mind. You’ll be amazed at how young and fresh you feel.

Written by Aleya from the Manhanttan beauty school, Hair Design Institute, as part of their blogger outreach programme. Visit their site here


The functions of your make-up brushes

Know your brushes inside out!


If you’re anything like me, where minimalism is a virtue, three make-up brushes is all you need to create a face; you only need one for your foundation, your blusher and your eyes, right?! However, make-up artists would be truly astounded to hear such assumptions, with their brush collections sitting pretty at fifteen, twenty, even  thirty, brush types! For them, you can never have enough!

So what are the essential brushes for your make-up kit and more importantly, what, exactly, do they do?

The foundation brush

For anyone who applies their foundation with their bare hands, shame on you! The product easily wears off on your mitts, leaving you using more than need be the case. Foundation brushes look like blusher brushes, but are flatter, more rounded and softer to the touch. To apply foundation with a brush, use a dispenser to squirt a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand, dip the brush in and begin to apply. Begin on the bridge of your nose and ‘work outwards’ onto the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Telltale tip: Rather than literally painting your face, use soft strokes back and forth, ensuring even coverage and a natural finish.


The blusher brush

Blusher has been around for centuries, indicating youthfulness and good health. To apply blush, simply suck in your cheeks and sweep colour just below the cheekbone to accentuate and dab the apples to plump the cheek tissue. Depending on your preferences you can use a small rounded brush with stumpy handle (perfect for plumping), a longer brush (perfect for that sweeping motion) or both!



The lip brush

Use a brush to apply your lipstick. The tiny brush and precision tip will ensure you don’t use too much of the product and preventing precious lippy from going to waste on blotting paper in the bathroom bin!

Telltale tip: Always use a lip liner before. This stops lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding area.



The blending brush

For those of you who like a smoky eye, this is a must-have for your make-up bag. Softening colour transitions and blending heavy eye make-up lines, this brush will never stray far from your hand.




The bronzing brush

When adding pressed shimmer or bronzer to the face, neck and shoulders, a large rounded brush (such as the one shown) will do just the job. It serves to cover a wide surface area  at one time and ensures natural, even coverage.


Katy Perry OPI nail polish range

Katy Perry has launched her own range of nail lacquer for OPI

Celebs left, right and centre have tried their hand at showcasing their talents in sectors great and new by tapping into the beauty market. From perfumes adorned with the names of stars, to haircare products endorsed by household names, it is no surprise that the nail market was soon to be infested with their likes. But instead of releasing a simple range of alternative colours, Katy Perry has gone one further by launching a clever creation in nail art for OPI.

Whilst the set may not give you the talons that the songstress recently showcased which paid homage to her new hubby, bearing a picture of Russell Brand on each finger, it does offer an easy-to-create ‘shatter’ effect that will have your friends fooled into thinking you visited the manicurist.

Simply choose from her range of funky coloured polishes, named after her songs (an altogether cunning ploy by her marketing team): Teenage Dream (pink sparkly), The One That Got Away (romantic burgundy), Not Like the Movies (metallic silver) or Last Friday Night (blue glitter).

After coating your nails, take the Black Shatter lacquer, coat over the top and await the transformation. As if by magic your fingertips will be converted into an array of shatter-effect nail art and all before your very eyes!

As they hit shops this month, make sure you get yours either online at Lena White or, or in Selfridges stores nationwide. I can’t wait to get my mitts on Mrs. Brand’s latest offering!

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