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Guestpost: Chocolate Therapy


Choco Therapy has revolutionised the anti-ageing market

Chocolate is the very ingredient of happiness. Since time immemorial, chocolates have lifted the mood of mankind. But nobody could have predicted that chocolate could be an anti ageing agent – Karin Herzog has achieved just that.


The recipe of staying young

It is a known fact that antioxidants are good for the heart. They are also known to have cancer preventing and anti ageing properties. The official developer for the Karin Herzog brand, Julie Cichocki, combined this knowledge with her expertise as a Global Treatment Developer to come up with this formula. The formula combines antioxidants with water and oxygen; the results are simply amazing. According to industry experts and beauticians, the Chocolate Therapy facials have indeed taken the cosmetic world by storm.


Choco Therapy

This therapy is indeed one of the biggest breakthroughs of the year.  According to Cichocki, there are significant differences in the formula when compared to other such products claiming similar outstanding results. What makes this facial stand out is its unique integration of chocolate into the bigger scheme of things, that which is anti-ageing.

It is a known scientific fact that as we get older our skin’s absorbing abilities are significantly reduced. This depletion can be attributed to a lack of oxygen pressure. Habits like smoking, drinking and medication also play a huge role in exaggerating this depletion. The end result is sagging, wrinkling and a loss in general firmness and this is particularly true for the facial muscles which are most prone to such effects. But Choco-Therapy claims that it can significantly reduce damage to the skin during the ageing period and can restore its general health.


The oxygen-rich chocolate facial
The theory that Cichocki extensively worked on is based on the principal that the ageing process can be reversed by increasing the oxygen pressure within the skin. This not only results in more cellular regeneration but also rejuvenates the skin’s energy used to absorb vitamins. The initial results have been very successful. Some clients have even claimed that they felt ten years younger after using the treatment. It’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that this is the only clinically proven product that addresses this sort of energy deficit. Merely increasing the levels of oxygen and supplying enough water to the skin can work to reverse the ageing process. What’s more, this form of anti-ageing treatment demonstrates that any kind of free radical activity within the skin can be avoided.

The cosmetic industry has been blamed for years for the gap between the claims made by branded products and the actual results. This product could perhaps be the industry’s saving grace. The scientific backing that this product has already received is simply amazing in itself and testament to the fact that it does not over-promise to its clients.

The official launch date of Choco Therapy is still in talks but inevitably, the anticipation is soon to reach boiling point.


About the author: Kate Wilson is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on health, weddings and technology. Beside this she is very particular about her fitness and follows a diet plan that keeps her in shape. These days she is busy in writing an article on basic hair care techniques.


Guestpost: Anti Ageing – Tips to protect your hands

Hydrate your hands with these anti-ageing tips

Our hands are overexposed.  They’re in the sun all day; they’re touching the desk and the computer screen; they’re dumped in buckets of water and scraped with paper towels and napkins.

And because of this overexposure, our hands are usually the first place on our body to show signs of ageing;  our skin becomes dry and brittle, and the back of our hands develop sun spots or large, bulging veins.

We all need to do a better job in protecting our hands; and so here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Tip 1: Wear gloves when doing laundry

Detergents (particularly antimicrobial detergents) can cause extreme dryness and irritation over long periods of use.  So when doing the laundry, try wearing gloves to protect your hands.  As an alternative, find detergents that are safe for your hands or that are not antimicrobial in nature.

Tip 2: Moisturize after showers

Showers dry out your hands quickly.  Water strips your hand of protective oils which causes your skin to lose moisture, and hot showers do this at an even quicker rate.  Be sure to replenish your skin’s natural moisture supply by applying plenty of hydrating moisturiser.

See Paint the Town Scarlet writer, Sarah George’s, top 5 hand creams.

Tip 3: Always pat dry

Everyone knows to pat their face dry instead of rub, so why doesn’t everybody do the same for their hands?  Your hands are just as delicate as your face—so treat them the same way.  Always pat them dry with a soft towel, and opt for the hand dryer when possible.

Tip 4: Put sun screen on your hands

It’s quite funny, actually.  We put sunscreen all over our bodies expect for the part that never hides from the sun.  Wear an SPF 15 sunscreen even on dull days, and you’ll protect your hand from heinous sun damage.  Note: some hand creams and natural skincare products contain SPF 15 sun block.

So that’s it for our tips.  How did we do?  Any other tips you’d add to the list?  Please let us know in the comments section.

Written by Jesse Ortiz, a writer for Dr. Samir Bute and, who specialises in topics that include anti-aging, natural skincare products, and general skincare.  Follow him on twitter @OrtizJesse.

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