Best Nail Polishes for Summer

The temperature is rising, beach vacations are being dreamed of and swimsuit shopping is in full swing. You have the beach hair perfected and now you need to finish your look down to your pinky toe; have no fear summer nail polish is here:

Haute as Hello by Essie– This creamy coral colour is a must-have for your weekend beach getaway. An eye-catching pastel that brings out that summer tan is essential. Plan on buying two bottles, because once your friends spot this color, they will snatch it up in a heartbeat.

Do You Lilac It by OPI– It’s that perfect sweet shade of light purple that fits in with the oh-so-cool summer days. This colour is perfect for the playful and young at heart!

Smokin Hot by Essie– This is for your late, sultry summer nights. Pair this sexy subtle grayish purple with a simple maxi dress and you are one step ahead of everyone.

Don’t Touch My Tutu by OPI– That almost natural look is always lovely and never overdone. This colour is finished with a slight white color; giving your nails that natural but pristine look. A great look to take to work and into a night on the town.

Turks & Caicos by Essie– Hello teal! You can’t help but feel like hitting the pool with the bright and cheerful summer teal that is perfect paint for your toes. Wear this coluor and you are sure to get lots of compliments.

Ladies and Magenta Men by OPI– You have seen the neon trend all over. This is a fun summer trend and this lovely neon-like magenta is perfect for channeling your inner 80s child.

Now go get yourself that perfect pair of summer sandals and get yourself a mani/pedi quick. Nail polish is a fun way to express your favourite summer style and trend. Have fun with your colours and think about mixing up your nail polish look with playful patterns or simply painting your ring finger nails a different, but complementary, colour. Happy painting!

Written by Liz Nelson; just a simple lady trying to convey what it is like to date online through dating websites. For any further information on online dating you can email her at: liznelson17@gmail.com.Image


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