The graduated bob is back

Victoria's graduated bob has made a comeback

When Cheryl Cole stepped out last week sporting a sophisticated blonde graduated bob the media was sent into a frenzy. News stands nationwide were plastered in front covers showcasing and praising the former X Factor judge’s new do and it appears that this shorter cut is here to stay.

A classic bob with a modern twist, the graduated bob employs an asymmetric cut which boasts face-flattering properties. The short cut at the back is set higher than the graduated sides with the pieces of hair that frame the face forming the final longest point.

The graduated bob has always been around, but was perhaps made most famous by Victoria Beckham’s aptly named ‘pob’ in 2007 which saw a plethora of women sporting the cut in the months that followed.

Cheryl’s haircut however modernises the style yet again, with the graduation falling just below her shoulders (as opposed to at her jawline) for a longer version of the style. These bobs smack of cool sophistication and can be worn both tousled and straight, maximising practicability.

Heavy fringes can be incorporated into the haircut (a la Charlotte Church) but Cheryl has optimised the flattering effect of her bob with a less drastic long side fringe.

Anyone can have this haircut, but be aware that those of you blessed with thicker tresses may have to succumb to the wrath of the hairdresser’s thinning scissors in order to achieve a less ‘block’ cut. If you’re taking the plunge you may prefer to stretch your budget and splash out on a more expensive cut with a senior hair stylist. Whatever the case, be sure to attend a consultation meeting with the hairdresser beforehand to make sure they know exactly what you want or alternatively, take along a picture of Cheryl.

Telltale tip: To achieve Cheryl’s style, with volume aplenty, set hair in large heated rollers before blow-drying into shape and fixing with hairspray


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