Bare-faced chic: Is less really more?

Paris Fashion Week 2011was adorned with models showcasing the latest trends amid luxe fabrics and extravagant materials. But had you casted your eyes upward you would have noticed that the faces of the cat-walkers were played down with au naturel, muted make-up. While it is in every designer’s best interest to avoid make-up that detracts from the outfit, detract it certainly did not last month, due to the fact that it was barely there. Bronzed bodies were discarded in favour of natural pallor, mascara-free eyelashes were embraced and lips were neutralised with only a hint of lipbalm.

Bare-faced beauty is bang on trend

So does this spell a new trend taking over the fashion world? Could bare-faced chic overtake our desire to cake ourselves in cosmetics this summer? Indeed, the thought of a slap-free face is extremely appealing as the thermometer ups its ante in the heat stakes. And as we continue to spend many a day in the baking heat with our make-up sliding southwards, it seems ridding ourselves of masked lips and heavily made-up eyes could just be the way forward.

What’s more, you don’t even have to go completely bare – trick others into thinking you’re a natural beauty by simply enhancing what you’ve got. Clear mascara will work wonders to define lashes without the added pigment, or for those fair of lash, a waterproof mascara will do the trick; just check out Miss Sporty’s range of cheap mascara wands.

Mineral foundations, such as those sold by Elf Cosmetics and Lily Lolo, will also provide sheer, even coverage without looking like its painted on. Moreover a mineral foundation infused with SPF, such as the ones suggested, can kill two birds with one stone by offering UV protection as well as a flawless face.

If you’re prone to dry skin, why not give tinted moisturiser a go? A lighter and more breathable form of foundation, tinted moisturiser is an alternative solution for those who can’t bear the thought of leaving their house without face make-up. MAC boasts a range of colours to cater for your complexion.

Bold lips and bare faces go hand in hand

Combining two beauty trends in one look, you can even sport a completely natural face with a bold lip (as pictured across). This is a very high-end beauty look because of the extreme contrast exuded by a statement lip and make-up-free surround, so for those brave enough…give it a shot.

Will you dare to bare this summer? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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