Guest post: Three knock-out night time looks

Make-up that makes the grade

Making the make-up transition from day to night can stymie even the most ardent of make-up lovers. Everything from fear of overdoing the drama, to anxiousness about washing out, can freeze up creativity and leave you relying on old primping standbys. But why settle for passable, when you can achieve perfection? Check out these three no-fail evening looks, which draw upon your outfit for the evening to create a comprehensive look that will leave you looking top-notch, no worries involved.


Elegance is the pinnacle of sophistication


Does an evening out scream knitwear? Are you drawn to a classically-lined pant suit or skirt suit? If so, your ideal evening look may well be one of focused elegance. For hair, go smooth yet carefully tousled for a look of contained smolder—think slightly-mussed librarian as a sexy starting point. Elegant eyes are kept muted or neutral, with little-to-no liner, but framed with extravagant lashes. Lips should be played up to the max, with a powerful deep color that says it like it is—deep purples, burgundies, or bronzes are ideal.









If you’re playing it cool, sporting jeans and a flirty top, or casual pants and extraordinary accessories, you’re a firm member of the

A rainbow eye smacks of fun and frivolity

‘fun and flirty’ camp. The accent here should be on your skin—a dewy and fresh look that’s ready to party, and a tinted moisturiser or bronzer to add a fun-loving glow. Keep your eyes simple with liner and mascara, but put a pout on with a bright color (pink or red works well) that showcases your smile. Hair should be free and flowing with luxurious, bouncing curls, or a simple, straightened look pinned-back with a whimsical accessory.




Be daring with brights that push the boundaries


Trina Turk (well-known with make-up aficionados as the designer behind a number of popular Clinique gift-with-purchase bags) is one of the major designers reviving the cocktail dress by transporting it back to its funky heyday of the 1960’s and 1970’s. With vintage power-florals, the look of gold lame’ or the boho cred of faux granny-squares, a funky look calls for makeup schemes with saturated colors, broad eyeliners, and no-holds-barred colour. For eyes, go strong. Be sure to use a good base on the lid (anything from Vaseline to a professional base will work), so that your shadow colors will both ‘pop’ and stay on all night long. Eye make-up can be anything from 80’s punk to 60’s Twiggy—whatever adds oomph and works with your eye color and shape. Keep the lips clear or glossy to add a touch of ingénue to the outrageous. Hair can be pinned up and the ends spiked for a retro-rockstar look, or kept down with a strong part viz-a-vie Woodstock.

However you play it, however you dress it, evening is a chance to take a risk. It all starts with who you are, blended with a bit of who you want to be, then accented with a bit of glamour and style. Don’t be afraid of trying a new look; just capture the spirit of evening fun—dive in and see what happens!

Written by Jesse Love


1 Response to “Guest post: Three knock-out night time looks”

  1. April 28, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    The rainbow eye is so beautiful. Unfortunately if i tried it, i don’t think it would come out looking like that 😉

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