A Permed Return

Rihanna updates the perm for 2011

Gone are the days when the thought of a perm evoked visions of old ladies overindulged with rollers and blue rinse finishes, or the frizzy dos of the 80’s teen complemented by a neon shell suit.

Marc Jacobs’ spring/summer collection 2011 saw models sporting big and bouncy hair with a modern day twist.  This year will see the comeback of the perm like it has never come back before. Girls, ditch the GHD’s because perms are the way forward this season.

The Digital Perm - the revolution in perming technique

Today, there are a range of perm styles at your disposal, ensuring your curls are more Rihanna than Shirley Temple. Tighter corkscrew curls can be achieved with thinner rods, while sultry spirals can be created with larger and wider roller sizes. A consultation with your hairdresser can only put your hair worries to rest before taking the plunge. Just remember to hold your nose when it comes to administering the perming solution!

Alternatively, the Japanese-inspired Digital Perm is designed to create the loose and tousled look of celebs the world over. The difference to a traditional perm is that heat is applied as the metal rods ‘set’ the curl – the temperature is regulated using a machine. If you find a hairdresser that offers this service then kudos to you, but beware of the pricetag; the digi perm can set you back as much as £150!

However, if you don’t want your perm to be too permanent, use Babyliss’ Conical Wand or new-age hair rollers, Curlformers, for a bonce that is bang up to date.

Giving your style the 80's treatment will not a fashionista make


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