Hairstyles to suit your face shape

Kimberley chooses a hairstyle to complement her face shape

Choosing a new hairstyle is a more complex procedure than may initially meet the eye. Before taking the plunge with a new ‘do, take your face shape into consideration, followed by the thickness and natural volume of your hair. The right hairdo will serve to accentuate your features and really frame the outline of your face.


Round Faces

A round face shape has a wide range of styles at its disposal. With the widest points of the face lying from ear-to ear or cheek-to cheek, you want to avoid cuts or layering that highlights the jaw line.

Bobs should fall on the shoulders to lengthen the face, whilst longer styles should offer extra height at the crown. As such, tousled looks exhibited by round-face bearers Kate Hudson and Mila Kunis look particularly fetching. Softer styles really suit round faces by drawing attention away from the strong face shape. Ensure feathering and layers that sit around the face fall well below the jawline.

What’s more pixie crops and bobs that fall above the jawline will also work wonders, as showcased on Keira Knightley.


Oval face

A narrow oval-shaped face is often seen as the perfect shape to accommodate most hairstyles. Celeb A-listers who share this face type with you include Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks and Jessica Simpson – reason enough to embrace your ovalness!

The evenness of this face shape ensures you can carry off both longer and shorter styles. Graduated bobs look particularly flattering and long, straight styles with minimal layering can emphasise your balanced features.

However, heavy fringes are typically considered a no-go area as they can mask the definition of your facial outline. Defying this rule, Rihanna has been known to employ a blunt fringe to disguise her high forehead, despite sporting an, albeit beautiful, oval face.


Square faces

A face that is wide from top to bottom can be described as either a rectangular face or a square face. More compacted face shapes, such as that of Emma Bunton and Paris Hilton, are classified as square.

This stronger face type will only benefit from styles which detract from the shape. Short to medium-length hair coupled with soft layering and ‘bounce’  can steer attention away from the uber-defined outline of a square face.

Avoid ‘linear’ (straight up and down) ‘do’s at all costs; Demi Moore looks great but her face shape appears harsher with super sleek locks. Additionally, fringes will make a face appearer squarer – if opting for a fringe, only agree to softer, side-swept cuts.


Heart shaped faces

With the likes of ‘Face of Avon’ Reese Witherspoon and age-defyingly gorgeous Kate Moss residing in this category, it is no wonder that heart face shapes are considered model-like. Hold your head up high with haircuts that flatter your wider upper face and work in harmony with your pointed chin. Long styles, a la Witherspoon and Moss, soften a harsh jawline. Just don’t over-style; keep it simple with beach waves and bed hair.


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