Dry Shampoo – what are you missing out on?


Dry shampoos - a rapid way to refresh your hair

Dry shampoos are pretty down-played considering the clever technology that allows them to bear such a name. Every dedicated party goer should own some, especially those who take so long they can be pretty pushed for time when that taxi gets called (ring any bells?!).

Dry shampoos are typically powder-based products, which work without water to absorb excess oils (sebum) produced by the hair when left unwashed. Whilst brunettes may prefer to use darker coloured shampoos (see below), lighter hair types can generally stick to whatever works for them. Give the following few brands a go and let us know what you think:



This brand could potentially reign supreme as the range that tops the lot! Batiste offers a cool variety of dry shampoos including those for brunettes, those requiring extra body and those in need of a tropical twist.

More amazingly, Batiste offer a Shimmer shampoo! Yes, your hair can sparkle and shine all night long, guaranteed to attract many a admiring glance. The downside is that until the trend resurrects itself once more, I can’t help but be reminded of my cringey pre-teen phase, when I thought coatings of hair mascara and lashings of hair glitter would make me a Spice Girl.

Regardless of whether the Shimmer shampoo is just that bit too much, the Batiste range is incredible to say the least. See this Batiste user’s review to assist in your conversion to the lazy side that is dry shampoo.



For festival fanatics and party ravers alike, Tigi’s Rockaholic dry shampoo could be your match made in heaven, serving to bring out the rocker in you. Keep your ‘Dirty Secret’ to yourself this year by maintaining luscious locks throughout the party period. Indeed, whispers of  ‘how does she do it?’ will be resounding in your footpath the moment you enter the vicinity.


Charles Worthington

Once again a hair pro reaps some of the best reviews of the product in question. Charlie’s Front Row Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo offers your barnet a revitalising smell and fresh finish without having to venture near a shower.

With some rather posh ingredients such as white nettle and rice protein, and with an assurance that this man knows exactly what he’s talking about, you won’t have to scan the aisles for too long before settling on this product.


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