The Fringe Benefits – Fringe trend for 2011


Glee star Lea Michele makes a statement with a fringe

Glee star Lea Michele makes a statement with a fringe

The fringe is set to make a welcomed comeback this year, refreshing hairstyles across the nation with a single snip of the stylist’s scissors. A fringe can really serve to change your image, so take the plunge before anyone else gets to the trend first!

Variations of the face-framer include a blunt cut as modelled by Nicole Scherzinger or with a bevelled finish i.e. smooth layering around the face, as seen on Heidi Klum. To stick to the up and coming trend this Spring, and change your facial landscape in the process, ask your hairdresser to cut your fringe thick, blunt and long (steering well clear of any horrid memories of your childhood you may possess, involving a bowl and pair of heavy-duty scissors).

If you’re not brave enough to go the whole hog with a full fringe just yet, opt for a side fringe and gradually work one into your hairstyle each time you visit the hairdresser. Or alternatively, opt for a lighter full fringe to begin with and slowly add more hair, for a thicker style, when you have it trimmed.

Telltale tip: As fringes sit on the forehead it is easy for them to get greasy quickly. Don’t over-style your fringe, play with it or use too many finishing products as this will only make it ‘stringy’. Simply blowd ry and use a little hairspray to set in place.

♥ What a difference a fringe makes ♥

Here are a few examples of the dramatic, yet dazzling, effects a fringe can have on your look.






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