Kirsty Rowlands, Make-Up Artist, Interview

Kirsty Rowlands is a professional make-up artist based in Cardiff. She specialises in hair and make-up for all occasions and events and has worked on various high-profile projects, including Vogue and London Fashion Week. Beginning her climb to make-up artistry in 2006 with a degree in Fine Art, Kirsty has made a name for herself not only in the locality but all over the UK. She talks to the Paint The Town Scarlet about her admirable passion for what she does, her rise to success and offers you lucky lot a few tips and tricks of the trade to boot!

Kirsty's superb make-up skills have landed her some impressive gigs!


Q: Why did you decide to get involved in the beauty industry?

A: I was engrossed in make-up from a very early age – everything mesmerised me. I took art at school because I read in Sugar magazine that art qualifications would hold you in good stead if you wanted to become a make-up artist, but I enjoyed it so much that I ended up studying for a Fine Art degree. I kept up my interest in make-up and worked on my skills and when I eventually applied for a job as a make-up artist in a photography studio, I got it, and the rest is history. I’m self-taught and very proud of that. It’s taken a lot of hard work, and some blood, sweat and tears along the way, but I love my job, and I constantly update my skills and swap tips with other make-up artists to learn new things.


Q: What is the best beauty tip you’ve learnt to date?

A: Never forget the basics – groomed eyebrows are a MUST; they open up your face and frame your eyes! Keep them well groomed by getting them threaded, and fill them in with a pencil – I like New cid cosmetics.  I use short, quick strokes with my pencil to avoid the ‘painted on’ look. And don’t layer on the foundation; invest in a good primer and make sure you find the right colour match for your skin(mix foundations if you need to). Blend and buff the foundation with a brush to let your skin glow through, applying more in small amounts if you need be. You’ll get a beautiful, even and radiant look this way.


Q: Which celebrities do you seek beauty inspiration from and why?

A: Audrey Tautou – for the ultimate in French Glam beauty
Natalie Portman– for well groomed & natural make-up
Keira Knightley– she always has incredible sexy smouldering eye make-up and healthy dewy skin
Scarlet Johansson – for her ever-changing make up styles
Lady Gaga & Katy Perry – for flying the ‘adventurous make-up’ flag


Q: What is your favourite party make-up look to create?

A: Smudged smoky eyes, soft peachy pink blush and sheer nude lips. Bobbi Brown’s ‘Beauty School Rules’ is a brilliant palette to help you achieve this look!


Q: Which beauty gig have you enjoyed being a part of the most?

A: Without a doubt London Fashion Week – I had a blast. I worked as part of a team and our work ended up in Vogue!


Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’ve got a busy year ahead and lots of stuff already booked. I’d like to travel further afield and work on some major campaigns and editorials, and hopefully become more widely known for my work.









Want to have your make-up done by Kirsty? Visit her website at www.kirstyrowlands.com where you can find all necessary contact details and some more amazing snippets from her portfolio, or follow her group on Facebook

With thanks to Kirsty


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