The Best Pigment Pot Eyeshadows

Transfer focus from the lips to the eyes this season with Pigment Pots

Show-stopping eye colours are all over the catwalks this season. Pigment pots are great for creating a bold eye that stands out from the crowd. The loose powder, when applied to the eyelid, ensures a more intense flash of colour than many pressed eyeshadows fail to achieve. They come in a range of colourful shades that may look more eighties’-child-resurrected than a fierce statement look, but by using tutorials (see below) when administering your eye colour you can’t go far wrong. Here are three of the best brands:

1. Barry M Dazzle Dust

Barry M‘s pigment pots are by far the best in class. Not only do they offer an impressive 80 colours to choose from, but their multi-faceted ‘dazzle’ technology’ serves to supply additional impact to the eye.

Remember to use Barry M’s eye crayon as a base (also available in a range of colours) before applying the Dazzle Dust.

Command the crowd’s attention with key colours such as Green Parrot and Kingfisher. Combine colours, as shown in the tutorial below for a breathtaking effect. Or play it safe with Fawn and Ice Pink to maintain a natural finish. The possibilities really are endless.

2. MAC Pigment Pots

Although slightly more pricey than Barry M’s offering, MAC’s Pigment Pots compensate with a wealth of alternative colours and a longer lifespan, due to the pots’ bigger size.

My particular favourites are Magenta Madness and Neo-Orange which are reminiscent of holidays to more tropical climes – a pick-me-up that is much needed during these long Winter months.

3. Lilylolo Mineral Eyeshadow

Optimise your optic power with this range of natural eyeshadow powders. Less garish than MAC, Lilylolo’s pigment pots offer more subtle colours which still boast the wow-factor.

As suggested, green and hazel eye colours should opt for the purple based tones, blue eyes look striking when framed by bronzed shadows, whilst brown eyes ‘pop’ with blue and green hues.

Telltale tip: Use a flat brush to apply the pigment powder. Due to the pigment’s high concentration, you only need use a small amount in order to attain the signature colour you desire.

To avoid powder landing on cheeks, exercise good control of your brush and use a ‘pressing’ motion. As an extra precaution always make up eyes before proceeding with skin coverage and foundation.


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