Top 5 Hairsprays

Hairspray your way to a hairdo that will stay in place throughout the party

The scenario rings true with girls the world over: hair looks picture-perfect before the night out but falls flat as soon as you hit the tiles. So what hairsprays can offer hairdos both hold and longetivity in one blast? Depending on the exact needs of your hairstyle, here are my top five:

1. Tres Two Freeze Control

Promises a mega firm holding and fast-drying formula and indeed, it does exactly what it says on the tin. This hairspray is perfect for updos which require that extra bit of assistance in keeping fly-away strands at bay. Remember a few sprays will do just the trick, ensuring your hair looks naturally held in place and not industrially accomplished with a crunchy finish!


2. L’Oreal Elnette Satin Normal Strength

For fine hair that gets easily weighed down by the overuse of products, this hairspray is right up your street. If you require just a little volume, turn your head upside down, apply a swift blast and voila! What’s more, as part of a range endorsed by Cheryl Cole you know it’s got to be good!


3. Kevin Murphy Session Hairspray

Want to promote a more environmentally-friendly world? This CFC free and low VOC hairspray will secure this wish for you! Although slightly more expensive than most styling products, it allows you to create a style with an item used by hair-pro Kevin Murphy and simultaneously do your bit for the environment. Whoever said beauty had to be superficial?


4. Bed Head Hard Head

Prone to a spot of backcombing?  If you require a firm hold, a non-sticky formula and lustrous shine  that will last all night long, then this is the spray for you. Simply backcomb, spray, tame into place with a paddle brush and hold with a second squirt.


5. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening

With a household name such as John Frieda, expectations are undoubtedly sky-high. However, you will not be disappointed with this spray, guaranteed to enhance volume and thickness when styling. Claiming to ‘lock in style for up to 24 hours’ you may aswell throw away the key and party all night (and day) long!


Telltale tip: When spraying hair, always hold the canister atleast 10 inches away. This will minimise product concentration and prevent hair from setting rock-hard.


2 Responses to “Top 5 Hairsprays”

  1. January 24, 2011 at 3:43 am

    Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

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