Top 5 up-dos for 2011

Bored with a lank ‘down’ hairstyle or simply cannot be bothered to undergo the tedious procedure of washing and styling?  Why not try a simple up-do? With basic guidelines to follow in administering a more sophisticated style, we take a look at the top five up-dos to attempt in the run-up to, and during, the New Year.

1. Supersized bun

Don’t ever believe that an up-do is an understatement – by maintaining the mind-set entailing ‘big and beautiful’ you can embrace a statement up-do with a supersized version of the bun. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, not Kim Woodburn (of Kim & Aggy fame)!

1. Scrape hair into a high ponytail or side ponytail

2. Split ponytail in two and backcomb the parts of the hair shafts nearest the tie. Spray with hairspray

3. Split each ‘two’ in two again so you have four sections – repeat step 2 with new sections

4. Spray inside of ponytail and ‘fluff’ with fingers to create volume

5. Gather hair and loosely wrap it around tie. Secure with crossed bobby pins and blast with hairspray to set

N.B. High buns work for round and heart-shaped faces that can take the extra height, whilst oval and oblong-shaped faces should stick with lower side-buns.

2. Loose pin-back

Instead of dragging a brush through your tangled mane, avoid splitting ends by separating knots with fingers. When all are removed, scrunch upside down with a small amount of volumising mousse and diffuse with a hairdryer attachment. Gather hair in a backwards motion and pin hair roughly to the back of your head with bobby-pins; an effortless yet chic do achieved in the space of a few minutes.

3. Classic french twist

By dressing down in jeans and blazer, the classic chignon can make you look more Kate Moss than Audrey Hepburn on a casual trip to your local pub. To achieve this look follow this short DIY video below:

4. Perfect pony

Nothing smacks of natural beauty more than an easy-to-achieve mid-height pontytail. Gather hair neatly back into a pontytail and attach with anti-snag hair-ties. For a trendy twist, take a small section of the ponytail and wrap around the tie, securing with a bobby-pin or tuck into hair tie at the base of your pony.  Don’t let hair get in your way tonight and let your face make a statement instead with uber glam make-up!

5. Side plait

One of the easiest, yet effective, updos to achieve; plaits have been everywhere on the catwalk this winter. Sweep hair to the side and plait loosely or see PTTS’s earlier post on creating the perfect fishtail plait, for a funky twist.

Tell-tale tip: For fly-away bits of hair that refuse to be tamed into an up-do, tease them into control with a blast of hairspray or a pea-sized amount of hair gel/wax.


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