Top 5 Celebrity Fragrances

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 16: Katy Perry attends the Launch of Purr by Katy Perry for Nordstrom Pop-Up NYC Event at Greeley Square Park on November 16, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Katy Perry shows off her ‘Purr’-fect perfume

Emma Watson recently turned her nose up at releasing a perfume featuring her name, saying “Why would anyone want to smell like someone else?” But when some female celebs are amongst the most admired women in the world, we inevitably want to smell like them at the very least! So if you plan on listing a celebrity fragrance on your yuletide wish-list this December, here are the newest and most popular star scents in the shops:

1. Katy Perry, Purr

Not content with wedding Russell Brand, bagging more than a handful of Grammy’s and scoring an impressive amount of number one singles, Katy Perry has released her own minxy titled scent. Expect a fruity combination of apple, peach, green bamboo, jasmine, sandalwood, coconut and musk, phew! Plus it comes in a cool, cat-shaped bottle – if there was a reason to choose this perfume, this would be it.

2. Shakira, S by Shakira

Not the most inventive of fragrance names, but Shakira’s perfume is one of the most popular around. A mix of sandalwood, jasmine, benzoin, amber and vanilla, one spray will leave you smelling as sweet as Shakira. Let’s just hope it gives us the ability to move like the Colombian songstress aswell!

3. Sugababes, Tempt, Tease and Touch

What do you do when a band decides to release their own scent, but each member has very individual scent preferences? Simple, release one for each member of the group! Tempt combines top notes of iced tea and blackcurrant with base notes of musk and vanilla. Tease embraces top notes of lemonade and juicy pear with heart tones of sexy magnolia and jasmine. Whilst Touch captures  top notes of cranberry and lychee with base notes of patchouli and intense musks.

4. Britney Spears, Hidden Fantasy

With her music career seriously waning, Britters was left with no choice but to release a fourth perfume and just in time for Christmas – how convenient for her! The third scent in the ‘fantasy’ range is a hybrid of sweet and fruity whiffs, with top tones of grapefruit blossom, sweet orange, jasmine, vanilla bean and (oddly) Napolitano cake. As always, a diamante studded bottle makes the fragrance a much more appealing purchase.

5. Kate Moss, Vintage Muse

Is there anything this enviable fashionista can’t do? Sticking with the bottle’s purple theme, her fifth fragrance offers the scents of purple-coloured fruits including blackcurrant, rhubarb and plum; a reminder of home-cooking and enough to warm your cockles in this weary and wintery weather.


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