Babyliss conical wand

Babyliss curling wand creates conical curls

I have always relied on my Babyliss eighteenth century-esque, steam curling tongs to add a bit of a wave to my barnet. But sadly we were to part ways over a year ago when they stopped working. The brand of tongs had been discontinued so I was left with no choice but to branch into other products great and new.

Enticed by the colour of Carmen Girl’s pink steam curling tongs, I braved it on Ebay to find a cheap pair. Indeed, I came across a used, but ‘in full working order’ pair of tongs for an extreme snip of the RRP tag, at £2.00. However on using the tongs, I found the curl they created, athough perfectly recreating the tousled look I prefer, dropped out in a matter of seconds (despite my hair being coated in hairspray to the point of crunchiness).

Disappointed that I would never find a tong that lived up to my good ol’ faithful Babyliss steamers, I decided to embrace my GHD’s instead. I struggled at first creating ringlets, but eventually got the hang of the technique. Yet still, they were not a patch on my past batch of curls.

It wasn’t until my summer holiday to Zante this year, that my friend introduced me to her Babyliss conical wand. The absence of a clamp, to hold the hair around the tong, initially scared me to death (and yes, I made full use of the ‘finger puppet’ that comes with them). But a few fetching finger-burns down the line and I felt I had fully mastered the device. What’s more they created the best spiral curls I had ever seen (the lack of a clamp even allowed for no kinks)! Plus the wand itself was pink – score!

So for my birthday this year, the conical wand came top of my list and I haven’t stopped using it ever since receiving it two weeks ago!

Available in circumferences of 32-19mm or 25-13mm in order to produce tighter/looser curls, the wand can be yours too for just £21.95 from UKHairdressers.com.


2 Responses to “Babyliss conical wand”

  1. 1 rachel
    December 1, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    This is a great blog, great information!

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