Going over to the red side – The dye diary

Cheryl’s done it, Rihanna’s done it and tonight, I am doing  it!  That’s right, this evening I will be embracing the coincidental Autumnal shade and dying my hair red.

I have been on a quest for the perfect red hue for a while now, scouring hair forums on a daily basis to view the most popular recommendations. I finally opted to begin my journey with Schwarzkopf Live XXL’s Cool Scarlet. Bored of my non-coloured brunette hair that had graced my head for far too long, I decided to hit the bottle back in September. However, the results were no reflection of what appeared on the box and although noticeably more glossy, my locks appeared more plum than red. Within two weeks the colour had faded at a remarkable rate and I was left with a dank brown once again.

So tonight is the night! Armed with a few old towels, some newspaper and a rather reluctant mother, I will be taking the plunge once again in the hope of finding the colour that I have yearned for over the past few months. And my colour of choice? Schwarzkopf Live XXL’s Red Passion.

See below for my thirty minute hair-job diary.

Nov 2nd, 8pm: The hair dye is applied – it looks a tad orange. My forehead is stained with stray splodges of dye. Note to self: always coat forehead with vaseline before dye application!

8:15pm – The dye is developing – my scalp remains orange, but the hair itself looks red, red, red!

8:30pm – Time to wash off. There appears to have been a massacre in the bath; the water is blood-red. Condition, rinse and towel-dry. There is definitely a scarlet sheen to my wet hair. I’m awaiting the final result with bated breath.

8.35pm – A blow-dry and a gloss over with the straighteners five minutes later and I’m good to go. The colour is exactly what I wanted – a deep crimson red. I actually feel I could give Cheryl a run for her money as a red-head. Scrap that, maybe  Ron Weasley is a more appropriate contender!

(Image taken from Liz Grace’s photostream)

BEFORE                                                                                                                     AFTER


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